Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moving Across The Country Before The Wedding: An Illustrated Adventure

Last I updated about wedding planning, I'd just found the dress! Considerably more has happened since then. Things took a turn. The great news is that we found our photographer! He took a photo of us at a friend's wedding where we were making stupid faces at each other when we think no one's looking. We both knew as soon as we saw the photo that he was it.

This really seriously looks a lot like the picture.

That excitement was a little overshadowed by the fact that my fiancé and I were laid off the day before we met with him. That was terrifying, BTW. The sudden loss of stability and income, not meeting the photographer. He's quite nice and not at all terrifying.

My fiance found a job that offered to partially compensate for a cross country move, so we moved to San Francisco. I'd never actually been to SF, but everyone told me I'd love it. I'm nothing if not optimistic. This is obviously not my real understanding of the US, I just ran out of room for Maine.

The biggest thing is that the moving company we used decided my wedding dress was packing material. Here is a pic.

No wait, that's my ALL CONSUMING RAGE FACE.

This isn't an illustrated example, this is a very real photo of what my dress looked like after I unpacked it.

98% of me is obviously upset and traumatized, but about 2% of me is amazed at their ability to compress such a large dress into such a tiny box shape. I'm still in the process of getting that resolved, so that's to be continued.

There are a wealth of random pitfalls that we encountered and then the company that hired my fiance laid him off 5 months after we moved. And thus, the wedding was postponed. Fortunately our venue and photographer are SUPER wonderful and we got a new date that I think is even better! Next up, we're going to start working on the more DIY parts of the wedding, like my bouquet and invitations and such.

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Laura Galbraith said...

Omg, I'm so sorry to read this! As if planning a wedding isnt stressful enough! I hope things turn up soon..... For your wedding dress, you might be able to revive it with a steamer... That's what my tailor used to get out all the folds and wrinkles and was super cheap...